I currently use iView MediaPro on Mac OS X to manage the images that I make. For digital photographers working on Mac OS X, the chief advantages that iView MediaPro has over it’s competitors are that it handles raw files cleanly, is reasonably fast and stable and it has a fairly extensive Applescript interface. It’s not without it’s quirks as an application though but the scriptability allows for most of it’s shortcomings in my image processing workflow to be addressed.

I’ve found myself using Applescript Studio for implementing tools in my workflow as it provides a way to add tools that have far more advanced user interface elements than basic scripts.

The applications available for download on are currently provided as freeware and they’re the basic tools that I use to manage images and build the site. Some of the applications have source available too. You’ll need the Xcode development environment from Apple to modify them as you wish and re-compile them.

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