RapidAlbum 2012

I thought it was probably worth a post explaining where I am with RapidAlbum.

I abandoned a complete rewrite of the plugin before Christmas, as the plugin was growing in scale and looking like becoming a bit of a monster. My goal with RapidAlbum is to make it easier to use – the rewrite looked like it’d make it a lot harder to support, which is most decidedly a non-goal. A lot of the complexity was centered around the support for image warehousing, which turns out to be quite complicated to make suitably robust.

When you talk about support load on free software, many users will kindly say “but I’ll pay for support!”. I’ve been lucky to have a lot of users who like RapidAlbum enough to offer to pay for it. That’s very kind but I actually have a day job that I enjoy – for the moment, Mac software is a hobby rather than a career. The support load that RapidAlbum presents has to be kept somewhat in check.

So what happens now? Well, my short term goal is to produce regular releases. I’m going to be tackling small problems and feature requests in RapidAlbum and fixing them for a while. I’m also going to be reworking the UI to get it closer to what I actually want.

The big goal in the near future is a change to the way templates work. I’m planning on bundling all the extra templates inside the plugin (so they’re installed automatically). I’ll also be culling out some of the older templates. One of the reasons for doing this so that I can add a better interface for template options – I’d like to be able to offer an easy way to control features in prettyPhoto, Galleria, et al without having to manually edit the template (altho’ I’ll still allow that).

I’d actually written a fair bit of this code for the rewrite I abandoned. I’ll be reworking those changes into a release in the next month or two.

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  1. thkl says:

    Thanks a lot for you excellent plugin, I appreciate your work. I hope that you continue with updates of RapidAlbum, since I built my website mainly with albums, based on RapidAlbum. So again, thank you very much for your efforts. Hopefully you can find a way to support some sort of a GPS-feature. With the latest release you already mentioned the support of GPS-data. What I am looking for is a way to display a GPS-icon, based on the GSP-data of the image, so that visitors can jump to Google maps e.g.

    Wish you a happy new year, greetings, Thomas

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