Images and RapidAlbum 2

I’ll be posting a few notes over the next month or two about upcoming changes. I don’t really want to post too much on this as things are still in flux but I thought it’d be worth pointing out the areas that I’m rewriting completely and know will change.

A problem area for the current RapidAlbum code is image handling. Right now, when RapidAlbum generates scaled images (such as thumbnails and smaller main images), it generates them to a cache directory in the user library. This sounded like a good idea at the time but it’s led to some subtle and awkward bugs.

The image handling for RapidAlbum 2 is going to work like this –

  • Thumbnails and sized images will be stored in the RapidWeaver document sandwich. I’m going to offer the ability to store the original image in the document sandwich too so that folks who don’t want to keep the original after they publish will have a backup. The current behavior, whilst very useful for a lot of folks, has caught a few users out. You’ll be able to change whether a local copy is kept or not as an album setting.

  • Original files will be tracked better on disk. Right now, when you move original images around, RapidAlbum gets confused. I’ll be tracking image paths a lot better in the new code.

  • Local copies of scaled images offers the potential ability to allow image warehousing. This is something I’m definitely working on. Whether it makes the first 2.0 release or not depends on how easy it is to add network browsing but these changes open up this possibility.

  • Images will be scaled at import and when the parameters change. Right now, they’re scaled on publish/export which causes all sorts of problems during generation (as I need some of the thumbnail and scaled image info before building the actual HTML for the pages).

All of these changes should make RapidAlbum a lot more reliable and robust for image management.



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  1. stephane says:

    Hey Scott,

    This new version looks promising 🙂

    It looks like your RSS Feed is not working, making difficult your blog to be followed.

    Cheers, Stephane

  2. smackie says:


    Thanks! Looks like my RSS feed ran into the same whitespace problems a lot of WordPress sites have with the validator. Should be fixed now – thanks for the heads-up!



  3. Alastair says:

    Scott – I’m getting excited. I’ve been looking for an implementation of Mooflow with Rapidweaver. Any idea when it will launch ?

  4. René says:

    Hi Scott,

    first I want to thank you for Rapidalbum, my most used plugin for Rapidweaver.

    I appreciate very much that you decided there is a future for Rapidalbum. I was very sad when you were telling to stop it some time ago.

    For me as a photographer it fits perfect for my workflow with Lightroom.

    The only problem I had in the past was that thumbnails were wrong if I used the same filename (but different pics) in different galleries. I had to give the pics specific names.

    My wishes / ideas for a new version:

    • better update of folders mechanism (don´t keep the old pics unchecked)

    • automatically update the thumbnails in the higher level galleries, if I change the pics in the subgallery

    What I´m really missing in general is a complete dynamic Gallery that uses as much space as is available in the visitors browser.

    Means, to have bigger thumbs and pics for people browsing my page with higher resolutions. This would be something really great, because on my 27″ iMac my page always look crappy.

    Thanks again for your work René

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