RapidAlbum 1.1

I’ve just released RapidAlbum 1.1 for download! Before everyone gets too excited, this release really is a bugfix and tweak release. The real changes will come in RapidAlbum 2.X, which I’m actively working on. That release will have some major changes (especially to template compatibility, image generation and the UI).

However, I needed to update the development environment for RapidAlbum so that it would work with the RealMac AddOns site, bring it up to date with both the newer RapidWeaver SDK interface and Apple developer tools. I also had a load of outstanding bug reports and simple tweaks that folks had asked for.

And, let’s face it, it doesn’t hurt for me to release some code to prove that I’m actually working on this!

As always for plugin updates, backup your RapidWeaver documents and don’t update in the middle of a big site design. This is a minor update and I’ve tested it a fair bit on RapidWeaver 4 + 5 but weird stuff can still happen. Caveat Emptor.

So, what’s new? Well, you can see the list on the Release Notes page.

There are two new templates in the “extra” template folder in the disk image. I’ve added a very basic template based on Galleria, which is quite nice. And I’ve also added a Slimbox2 template, which gives the same look as Slimbox but is based on JQuery.

Note that both of these templates will work with RapidAlbum 1.0.3 as well, if you don’t want to risk changing your RapidAlbum plugin at the moment.

As always, drop me a note if you have problems, questions or just want to say “hi”. You can use the new support interface to get hold of me.



p.s. I just realized I left Galleria out of the build. Doh! You can download a copy here for the moment…

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