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PowerPC support for RapidAlbum

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

One of the things that is tricky about supporting plugins like RapidAlbum is working out how far back to support things. It’s obviously been a few years since the last RapidAlbum release and the Apple toolchain has moved on considerably.

I’ve just finished bringing my latest private builds of RapidAlbum up to compatibility with the latest Apple toolchains and SDKs. This involves reworking code to remove outdated or depreciated techniques. The problem here is that it’s going to be tricky to support the PowerPC build going forward. Now, I can do it but it does affect how I approach RapidAlbum development.

If you’re actively using RapidAlbum on a G4 or G5 system, could you post a reply on this discussion?

RapidAlbum on PowerPC Systems

I’m trying to gauge how many folks still need a PowerPC version of RapidAlbum.