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RapidAlbum update and new templates

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

My original goal with RapidAlbum was to solve a problem I had with creating custom web albums for a site I was building in RapidWeaver. After a few months tweaking and developing the plugin, I realized I could use the basic support to build pages that used existing Javascript and flash photo album tools (like SlimBox and SmoothGallery). This seemed like a cool idea so I added support for album templates.

I’d decided to supply some templates as an example of what you could do with RapidAlbum and documented the plugin template builder support a bit so that other, adventurous folks could use it to build their own template tools. I’d never really intended them to be anything other than examples.

However, it’s pretty clear from my inbox that folks are using the templates as-is and are looking for versions of the templates that are updated to the latest versions of the Javascript tools. That’s not really what I had in mind originally but it’s not an unreasonable request given that the existing examples are quite a few years old now.

You can download a fresh version of templates here. I’ve updated all of the Javascript-based templates that have new versions available and added some other templates (Pretty Photo) that I made available a while back. I’ve also added a new template, called MooFlow which uses the MooFlow Javascript support to build a coverflow-like gallery. It’s not perfect but I hope it illustrates what you can still do with RapidAlbum, old and creaky as it now is.

I decided over the summer to start work on RapidAlbum again. I’ve already got the basics for RapidAlbum 2.0 written – it’s a complete rewrite for the latest RapidWeaver versions and Snow Leopard. I don’t have a release date for it yet but I’ll post more as it takes shape.