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Want to test RapidAlbum?

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

It’s been a bit over a month since I shipped the last build of RapidAlbum. Since then, we’ve had Leopard released and a couple of builds of RapidWeaver to fix various weird Leopard-related problems. Things seem to have settled down again.

I’ve cut RapidAlbum over to an XCode 3.0 project. Things went relatively smoothly but I did discover some weird translation problems when moving the old NIBs across to Interface Builder 3.0. Because of that, I’ve decided to cut a private release of RapidAlbum and ask for volunteers to test it before I release it en-masse.

It’s been tested on Tiger and Leopard, seems to be stable and fixes pretty much all the bugs that folks have reported to me (the most serious of which are related to the more complicated templates not working from within Blocks and custom file locations).

If you’re interested in testing RapidAlbum for me, send me some email via the contact page and I’ll point you at the disk image…