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Been a long time…

Monday, June 18th, 2007

…since I wrote anything here.

I’ve neglected the Notes section of the website over the past year as I’ve found myself tied up in other projects (primarily photography for the Footprint Project in Windermere. However, a lot has changed in the last year. I’ve got a lot more Cocoa code to share and write about – primarily RapidAlbum, a RapidWeaver plugin that I wrote to allow web galleries to be generated quickly. I’ve also got the finished version of Epoch, a timelapse camera manager and editor to release soon too.

I’ve also been working a lot with Bridge 2.1, Lightroom and Aperture and I really need to write down my new image workflow as the version documented on the website is seriously out of date.

So, there’ll be a lot more life here in the next few months. 🙂