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iView MediaPro Automator Actions 1.x

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005

I’ve been working on adding to the collection of actions over the past week. I won’t have time to work on them for the next 10 days or so but I should have the 1.1 release of the actions available for mid-July. In addition to the actions already available, I’ve also got the following written so far

  • Set Categories For iView MediaPro Items
  • Set Event Date For iView MediaPro Items
  • Set Keywords For iView MediaPro Items
  • Set Orientation For iView MediaPro Items
  • Set People For iView MediaPro Items

These are pretty straightforward. The “event date” action will set the date from the EXIF capture date, finder creation/modification date or a manual entry.

The existing “Import Files To iView MediaPro Catalog” has been modified to allow items to be imported into a new catalog, if required. I’ve also made numerous minor cleanups and tweaks to the other existing actions.

I’m currently working on a “Get iView MediaPro Item Information” action which will allow information to be extracted from the catalog about various media items and formatted in various ways. I’m hoping to make this action the root of a set of actions that’ll allow iView and Photoshop to communicate metadata in a slightly more straightforward and granular way than using the “iView” sync mechanism.

If you have any action requests for 1.1, send them my way. I don’t promise to tackle ’em all but if I can add something with a reasonable amount of effort, I’ll try to.